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What age children does Rachel work with?

Rachel has an advanced specialty in early interventionpediatrics, but she works with children as young as one and ranging up in ageuntil around 18 years old.

What is Rachel’s philosophy?

Rachel does not subscribe to any one philosophy, but believes in a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment. The key for Rachel is to try and determine the underlying causes for her client’s struggle and help remediate that. She believes that confidence and trust of her client is ¾of the battle to success. She actively involved both the children and their parents and any other team members to create a collaborative approach. Rachel uses various specialty treatment methods such as The Listening Program,Interactive Metronome, HANDLE, and advanced training in sensory integration to target and build her clients up successfully. Rachel incorporates both her masters in occupational therapy with her degree in psychology to create a holistic collaborative and engaging experience for the families in her practice.

How often do children need to be seen?

This varies depending on the individual case. Sessions are typically done weekly, but many children come multiple times a week. Treatment is also done on a case by case basis using a consultative model where Rachel gives a home program and follow up is done when recommended.

How long does the evaluation take?

The evaluation is done in one session. Typically the child’s testing portion takes a full hour and the parent or parents come back to review the results and recommendations for around 25-20 minutes. The entire evaluation is an hour and 30 minutes.

How long are treatment sessions?

Regular treatment sessions are 45 minutes long

What are the costs of the evaluation and treatment sessions?

Once a form is submitted to Rachel’s office, somebody willget back in touch with all of the detailed information regarding costs.

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