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Hi. My name is
Rachel Rudman.

I’m a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in helping children who struggle with a variety of challenges, ranging from basic academic difficulties like fine motor and visual perceptual skill weaknesses to emotional behavioral concerns stemming from sensory processing disorder. My philosophy combines my wide range of experience and techniques to really look at the whole child and piece together their personal puzzle. Through an evaluation process, I help determine where any underlying concerns are stemming from physically and neurologically. Once that is pinpointed, then a careful targeted treatment plan is put into place to help remediate the challenges. Home programs and recommendations are modified regularly throughout your child’s treatment. All sessions in the clinic are done individually and target your child’s specific needs. I work with a wide range of ages beginning at infancy to young adult. If you are interested in setting up an evaluation, please fill out the intake form and somebody from the office will reach out.

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Sensory Processing

When a child is ‘integrated’ they take in information from their sensory systems, process it in their brains and respond through appropriate action. When there is difficulty with that process, a child’s reactions may seem exaggerated, under-reactive, or a combination of the two. Our goal is to determine if and where that breakdown is occurring and set up a plan for remediation. 

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Executive Function

Executive Function is a persons’ ability to productively plan and complete tasks. It can be as simple as how to get themselves dressed to more complicated planning involving bringing home the right homework and books. There are many factors that play a role in an individual’s ability to do just that. Here we use the principles of ‘Get Ready/Do/Done” to establish a personalized plan for each child struggling with this skill. 

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Educational Success

Educational Success has different meanings depending on a child’s grade level. The goal is to determine what is required of each child and determine the individual barriers that are impacting success. We work on the root of the issues to remediate any underlying weaknesses while providing support and any necessary accommodations to keep confidence high and encourage success.